Red Hat Learning Subscription - Status

Status of the Red Hat Learning Subscription - August 6, 2020, 9:41 pm GMT

  • Aug 6: The issues in the NA datacenter have been resolved.  The classroom lab
    environments are launching successfully again.
    • Status: Resolved
  • July 21: OCP Courses requiring access to Jenkins experienced slowness. Issue is ongoing and is still being investigated. This is specifically affecting DO288. 
    • Status: Currently being investigated
    • ETA: Unknown
    • Notes: Banners have been added to the course to indicate there may be a delay accessing Jenkins. 
  • June 21 Outstanding Issue: Unable to login, or login with "0 days remaining"
    • Status: The issue where registered enrollments would see "0 days remaining" or unable to log in is in progress. Majority of enrollments are resolved. New case resolutions are expedited.  
    • Notes: 
      • Any users experiencing "zero days remaining" should contact support with their subscription details. 
      • DO101 Free Enrollments have all been resolved through August 1, 2020. Any enrollment or extension issue that was received after that date are still in progress. Individual notifications will be sent to users through this community, or through your support associate. 


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