Red Hat Learning Subscription - Status

Status of the Red Hat Learning Subscription - July 6, 2020, 11:16 pm GMT

  • Resolved issue: June 29: Approximately 1/3 of our labs have issues starting up in RHLS and VT classes
    • Status: Resolved
  • June 21 Outstanding Issue: Unable to login, or login with "0 days remaining"
    • Status: The issue where registered enrollments would see "0 days remaining" or unable to log in is in progress. Most enrollments are solved, but our teams are verifying remaining users.  
    • Notes: 
      • Any users experiencing "zero days remaining" should contact support with their subscription details. 
      • DO101 Free Enrollments are being resolved. Individual notifications will be sent to users. 
      • We are still resolving existing Free Trial users. Updates forthcoming for those users. New Free Trial users are NOT affected, and can register successfully. 


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