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Hi everyone,

I finished DO288 and would like to take the exam EX288 soon. During DO288, I would often have to interact with Git and Quay and would have to write post commands among other things.

I suppose knowledge about podman and skopeo commands is mandatory, but do I need to memorize how to interact with GitLab or Quay and even memorize how to write post commands in the console for the exam? Also, do I need to have a GitLab and a Quay account with valid tokens?



EDIT: I forgot that I also wanted to ask: How do remote exams work? Will I need a webcam and microphone for this? And is it okay to have learning material nearby to look things up?

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Starfighter Starfighter

Have a look at the EX288 exam objectives , and review the RH288 training course mapping the things listed there as to what has been presented.


As for the how's of the exam:

- No reference documentation is allowed. However, the exam environment is a fully funciontal environment with documentation, and some/most of the product documentation is made available inside the exam environment.

- The remote exam is delivered via a bootable ISO.  You need either a laptop computer with an extra webcam, or a regular desktop PC with the same webcam. Microphone is only used to listen to the environment where you are taking the exam from; any interaction with the proctor is done with the embedded chat. It's important to verify your computer compatibility before enrolling into the exam (or re-schedule your exam at least 24h in advance if you find any compatibility issues in your environment). A list of prerequisites is re-confirmed via email once you schedule an exam.

- Alternatively, you can schedule your exam in a testing location where they have already taken care of this set up for you (if it makes it more convenient)





Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Exam Environment will have everything setup for you , still its a good thing to have your own git and quay account (you will have to create , configure and use one during hands on labs for RH 288) . Hope this helps as rest of the answer has been nicely explaied by Fran_Garcia ( in first response above to your query.  Cheers ! 


That clears things up for me. Thank you very much

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