Techniques of video instrutors that you benefit most from?

Please share your opinions on what instructor techniques you find most helpful in the video classrooms courses?  Here are mine:


The instructor:

-  shares past "real world" use cases/asides of the classes's topic to provide additional  perspective.

-  talks clearly and slowly normally.  This allows me to speed up to x1.25 when going over topics I am familiar with, but can then slow back down when new information is covered.  (I find speeding up the audio sounds more natural than slowing it down)

- restates the content that is currently being discussed so it is different from the text in the course guide.  This allows me to understand additional facets of the technology and realize different relationships that were not obvious in the guide.

-  jumps into a terminal/IDE window in order to demonstrate/elaborate a point that was just discussed outside of the examples in the book.

- goes over all review questions and states "why" each of the choices are right or wrong.  I find this especially useful as the questions sometime refer to points that were not covered in depth in the guide.

- uses the whiteboard to create diagrams and process flows to help re-enforce the material and provide an overview.

- while in the terminal/IDE utilizes commands/features that are not directly related to the current topic, but are very useful.  It is like getting "pro tips" to help make me more productive.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Re: Techniques of video instrutors that you benefit most from?

Personally, I love the extra exposition.  I'm perfectly capable of reading the text, What I love is when they go into the why, or the history behind why some things ended up the way they did, or a decision was made to implement X.  

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