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Video classroor for latest update course like cl210 13.0

I am RHLS subscriber I have found most of course latest version available on "Online Training "but not available Video classroom" when these courses available??

Video classroom is most effectively media for learning. as I had experience, for example Ansible "D0407 course"  Who is not having more develop language knowledge for write yml or json file etc. Trainer in Video classroom  are experienced is beneficial learn!

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Re: Video classroor for latest update course like cl210 13.0


I'm glad you enjoy the Video Classroom courses.  You are correct that most of the time, Video Classroom courses are not an immediately available modality when a course or updated course is released.  Video Classrooms take a week to film, then another, roughly 6 weeks of post-production work.  

If you track our Early Access courses, you can see that we build up our course content, and when it's complete, we release it in the Online Training Modality.  Due to the Video Classroom needing this content to be completed, plus the extra post-production time, there's often a lag between when a new class or version is available and when the Video Classroom is completed.  Further, we don't create a Video Classroom for every course and, since there's one team that produces these, there's a production pipeline, meaning that they organize their upcoming work by a variety of factors, so even if a new course is released, it may not be the first or last thing in the pipeline.  The Video Classroom team uses a variety of factors to determine whether they are going to make one for a course or release that includes things like "How popular is this class?" , "Are there other more popular classes getting a release or update in the same timeframe as this class?" , "Is there already a Video Classroom for this class, but a prior version?  If so, how big a change is this version from the prior version?", amongst others...

I know the team is trying new production methods and approaches to either shrink their post-production time, or identify work that can be done prior to course release to try and get the Video Classroom release closer to the Online Training course being available.


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