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In response to current events, access to in-person classroom learning has become extremely limited. Being able to learn new skills in our home, and at our own pace is critical. The Red Hat Learning Subscription enables you to continue your learning journey with Red Hat technologies. 

Here are five tips on using the subscription. 

Collaborate with experts 

Although the Red Hat Learning Subscription is self-paced, it does not mean you are completely on your own. Users with a Standard subscription have access to Red Hat experts through both our Expert Chat feature, as well as Instructor Office Hours. Expert Chat is available from within the course itself, and allows you to discuss course topics in real time via chat. In addition, you can schedule a time to meet with an expert through the chat window. If you’re not a Standard subscriber, you still have access to our experts right here in the Learning Community. Take advantage of this access to get your Red Hat technology questions answered by certified experts.

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Collaborate with your peers  

In addition to experts, you can use the Red Hat Learning Community to collaborate directly with your peers who are also on a similar learning journey. Use the Red Hat Learning Subscription section to start conversations about specific course topics and labs. In addition, use the product boards to discuss any questions you have about the Red Hat products you’re using.

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Take advantage of Learning Paths 

Learning Paths offer a prescriptive approach to achieving Red Hat Certification. If this is your goal, the Learning Path will lay out the courses and exams you need to take in order to achieve this validation. Even if becoming certified is not your goal, you can use the Learning Paths to help you become more proficient in various Red Hat technologies and products. Explore the Learning Path catalog using the search and filter functionality, to hone in on the track that meets your learning goals and interests. You can keep track of your progress in the path by clicking the “Enroll” button. This will add it to your Home page.

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Try out each course modality 

Many of the courses in the Red Hat Learning Subscription include 2 different modalities: Online Training and Video Classroom. If you are the type of learner who enjoys reading content at your own pace within our Online Training, perhaps try out the equivalent Video Classroom course. Our certified instructors can help give some context and perspective to the content, as well as real world application of the training material. Conversely, if you prefer to watch the videos, try out our Online Training, where you will also have access to additional lab exercise guides, and interactive knowledge check activities.


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Explore the Early Access catalog

Take advantage of an early look into our new courses that are in development. As content is updated for these courses, we will share it with you so you can see what is coming both from a training as well as a product perspective. Each course also had the ability for you to add your feedback about the course, so we can make changes before its final release. Stay tuned for new courses that will be released to Early Access in the near future.

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi @cschunke 

Thanks for highlighting the  office hour. as that was useful before, however the real time chat is not that useful so far I have only once that the support helped me out and tried to listen and understand my question, most of the time they refer you back to strictly follow the documentation, can not explain or reason why?

one concern I have is the lab hours. one because it is usually not working or reporting wrong, second I am always worried that I would over-run my lab time, or do not have an option to just acquire more lab time.




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