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Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the foundation for Open Source technologies. The RHEL curriculum starts with the Red Hat Certified System Administrator track and includes advanced skills like RHEL troubleshooting and diagnostics, high availability clustering, and Red Hat Smart Management. 


Use the skills path finder to find your track. If you have questions about the RHEL skills paths feel free to ask them below! 

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I'm on my way to the RCA via the RHCSA(completed) > RHCE > LinuxMastery

Thanks for the path finder site.


Hi forum,

Can anyone recommend study guides or labs that I can use to study towards my RHCSA?  I am particulary interested in practical labs.  

I have had a recent pretty major career change, and all my networking experience isn't really valued by anyone anymore so I am looking to build on RHEL with certifiable knowledge.

I have got somewhat obsessed with it after replacing all my Ubuntu systems at home with Fedora...  the more I use it the more I like it. (I have got a developer account too)

I am concious of the promise of funding for training for official courses may never materialise or need to be used very, very sparingly so I am expecting to have to do it off my own back which I know will make things much, much harder.

I will almost certainly branch off to an automation track after this, hopefully successful, first step as that is what I enjoy doing most.

Any meetups and so on as well, anything to get more involved.  Anything that might help, assume I know nothing about cerification of RHEL site (despite using it the product as a user for some time).

I'll blog these links anyone posts so they can get reused, by someone else like me.

Anyway 04/01/2023 - my first steps - please be kind - happy new year!


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