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Automating Toil to Improve Project Delivery Lead Times

Alice attends a retrospective after a project misses the delivery date. The operations team members feel that frequent, urgent issues with production services take too much time, so delivery slips.

Team members try to automate and address root causes, but the efforts are not effective.

Alice decides to try limiting the time spent on toil to twelve hours per week. Alice discusses with Carol how they might achieve this limit.

Carol proposes the following measures to management:

  • Ensure that the team has sufficient time to automate toil by holding off new projects.

  • Provide training and tools to help the team automate.

The operations team starts tracking the time spent on toil. By using toil tracking to direct automation efforts, the operations team is more effective in reducing the time spent on toil.

With the increased time that the team dedicates to implementing new projects, the team is more successful in delivering projects on time. The organization learns that making data-directed efforts to reduce toil pays off.

Reflect about the preceding history.

Post your opinion about what would happen if a system administrator proposed this change in an organization you know. Review other students' posts and discuss.

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