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Is there a better UI for responding to postings?

@Deanna  Is there a better UI we can use for posting responses to threads?  I was just responding to and it was a major struggle to express things:

  • The response UI doesn't have the full set of formatting tools available to it; most critically, it doesn't have a preformatted text format button
  • The only way around this seems to be to create a preformatted box containing your content in a new draft start-of-conversation posting that you don't plan to make, then copy-and-pasting it in place.
  • You can try to create a preformatted box in a new draft posting and copy it in, but if you try to copy text into that box once it's in the response (as opposed to typing it manually in) it deletes the preformatted box entirely and replaces it with unformatted text.
  • There are only four lines of input visible at a time when you're in editing mode.  So it's really hard to see the whole response you're writing unless you flip continually in and out of preview mode.

My apologies if this isn't the right forum for feedback, I'm just not sure where that might be in the Learning Community UI.  Thanks!

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