facing challanges while implementation in 3Scale API Management

Hi team,

We are new to 3scale API Management and are currently working on implementation activities.

We are facing the following technical challenges. Please help us resolve these issues:

1. How to export/import applications?
2. How to create alerts?
3. How to add a developer portal for all products?
4. What is a service token in 3.5. Debugging?
5. What are template-based/operator-based deployment logs?
6. We did not find any log information except for analytics. Where can we find those?
7. We did not find any transformation policies like jsonTOxml and xmlTOjson.
8. We found one language, "Quarkus," but where should we use this?
9. We did not find any topics related to database and file handling. Is this possible or not?

We are following the Red Hat documentation below, but we think this documentation is not sufficient for implementation:


Thanks in advance.

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