Network Issue (The connection has timed out)


I'm going to appear for RHCSA ceritication exam remotely in 2 days, however, facing an issue when doing the compatibility test. I tried both WIFI and wired connections but still get the following error again and again, even I tried in different laptop but the same error message appeared. I've disbale the default Windows firewall settings as well but with no luck.

The connection has timed out

An error occurred during a connection to rhie.poa.redhat.com

.The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in few moments.
.If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer network connection.
.If your computer or network is protected by firewall or proxy, make sure that OpenKiosk is permitted to access the web.

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Hello @MohammedShahed !

you can always reach out to exam support for any help / guidance / official response in these matters : https://rhtapps.redhat.com/comments 
Please note that "Exam support link" ( https://rhtapps.redhat.com/comments ) is the official channel for raising support case and taking guidance/ help for anything related to exam. 

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