RHCSA Exam Issues - Horrible Experience!

Took the exam remotely today and it was extremely laggy and buggy - many freezes, followed by repeated characters printing on the screen.

For example, typing useradd <user> and the screen freezes for several seconds, then I see this:

uussssserrrraddddddd  <<uusssseeerr>>

And then I have to backspace the whole thing, or CTRL+A, CTRL+K and start over.

It happened when setting passwords, when editing files, and did not matter if I was using the console or ssh from the virtual desktop.

This was VERY FRUSTRATING. Given that there are only 3 hours allotted, and most will use all that time, it was a very poor experience.

My PC and Internet connection are solid. I had NO issues with performance during the boot camp class.

There are no testing centers where I live, so remote was the only option. This experience has left me angry, frustrated, and honestly, feeling ripped off.

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