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Requesting a reschedule of exam due to a power cut down

This is the second time I am posting this in the learning was due to a power cut down in my area cause me to reschedule the exam,because I am using my desktop pc for the remote exam I was afraid I couldn’t attend the exam at scheduled time,which cause me to try to cancel the exam without knowing it could expire if I do it after 24hours before exam.As the power cut down happen without prior notice and 10 hours wait till government fix the issue even though I don’t cancel the exam I won’t able to attend to it.Considering above facts I have no choice rather requesting from Redhat to give me a chance to reschedule the exam which I was preparing for a year
of time.I already have three more exam to be done before 16th January 2021.So I hope redhat will understand my situation and give some solution in their side.As for the certificate support team only telling me that the exam  was retired  they couldn't do any thing about it than giving a promo code.I don't know what to do now.I lost my money as well as my time.I hope some one from redhat will help me to solve this issue

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