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Have you used your proven skills and knowledge in especially interesting or unique ways, or overcome thorny technical challenges that others would enjoy learning about? If so, enter our annual Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year contest!

Since 2006, Red Hat has recognized Red Hat Certified Professionals who demonstrate ingenuity, hard work, and expertise. The winner of the award will be recognized at Red Hat Summit in 2022.

We are accepting nominations for our 2022 contest until November 30, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Red Hat Certified Professionals (RHCPs) can nominate themselves for the award or be nominated by a customer, team member, employer, or Red Hat employee. The award is presented to the RHCP nominee with the most outstanding submission.

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Starfighter Starfighter

This is a great opportunity.  I won't embarass myself by nominating myself.  Even if I were the only nominee, I would still come in last place.



Are you Red Hat certified? Tell us your story and apply to be the Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year for 2024. You could win a free Red Hat Learning Subscription and a feature during Red Hat Summit.

For RHCP of the year 2024 award , nominations are open till Nov 30th 2023 :

  • One winner will receive the 2024 Red Hat® Certified Professional of the Year Award.
  • The contest is accepting submissions until November 30, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • The winner will be announced as part of 2024 Red Hat Summit.


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I first touched a PC in 1984. I really got hooked when I saw that I could actually send messages to another computer by connecting to the telephone line via this device called a modem. This truly fascinated me. My next fascination was writing programs, using a language called "Basic". I'm sure one of the reasons I was so fascinated with writing programs on the PC was because the only programming I had done was using Fortran, via the keypunch machine, and submitting a stack of cards to the batch operator. My how the technology has advanced since then. I don't recall the year I began my journey with UNIX, but I do recall that it was on an AT&T 3B15 minicomputer. All I ever saw was a dumb (kinda like me about UNIX at the time) terminal. From there, I graduated to Sun Microsystems offerings of UNIX - SunOS and Solaris. Yeah, I was a certified SCSA and SCNA. I worked hard for those certifications. I was so proud. I carried the flag for Sun back then, like I carry the flag for Red Hat now. I've also used IBM's AIX brand of UNIX, and HP's HP-UX brand of UNIX. I don't recall the first Linux I got my hands on, nor am I sure of the year I took the plunge. I do have some CDs with Red Hat Linux 4 on them. Well, I've always been one to hitch my wagon to the leader of a particular technology. In the world of Linux, I think it's safe to say that Red Hat is the undisputed king of that world. When Red Hat introduced their Red Hat Academy, I made a mad dash to get on board. However, the cost was just a little bit prohibitive for my institution's budget. Still, I never took my eye off of using Red Hat Linux, or becoming a Red Hat Academy. When I discovered that the cost to become a Red Hat Academy had been removed, I went into high gear to establish the partnership. I've been proudly associated with the Red Hat Academy now for...I forget. One thing I haven't forgotten, is that I'm a self-appointed, self-anointed evangelist for this program. The learning opportunities, along with the support the Red Hat Academy provides to students and instructors is exceptional!