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Welcome to the 200K Member Milestone Contest!


To celebrate the Red Hat Learning Community reaching 200,000 members, we are kicking off a contest where members have opportunities to win prizes, engage in new ways and contribute to a community that fosters Open Source learning. 



How to Participate


Answer at least one of the questions below, with a chance to win a Red Hat branded cooler bag


Author a community article, with a chance to win a Self Paced Red Hat Training Course! Explore Red Hat courses here.


Answer a question

  1. Take the latest RHEL Troubleshooting Challenge and let us know if you were able to fix the problem
  2. Your company is migrating its on-premises applications to a cloud service. What are the key consider...
  3. Explain how a Content Delivery Network (CDN) improves the performance of a website.
  4. Your development team is adopting Agile methodology. What are the main benefits and challenges you a...
  5. A server in your network is experiencing a high volume of traffic from an unknown source. Describe t...
  6. How can organizations balance the need for innovation with the necessity of maintaining robust cyber...
  7. Discuss the pros and cons of using microservices architecture compared to a monolithic architecture.
  8. What ethical considerations should be taken into account when developing AI systems, especially thos...
  9. In what ways can IT professionals contribute to sustainability and environmental conservation throug...
  10. What are digital twins, and how can they be used in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, an...


Author an Article


Author a meaningful article for open source community members, inspired by the following topics:


Article Topic list:

  1. AI Ethics and Bias in Machine Learning: Discuss the ethical implications of AI and machine learning, including the issues of bias, fairness, and accountability in automated decision-making systems.
  2. The Rise of Edge Computing: Investigate how edge computing is changing the landscape of data processing and analysis by bringing computation closer to the data source.
  3. Cloud-Native Development and Kubernetes: Discuss the advantages of cloud-native applications and the role of container orchestration tools like Kubernetes in managing scalable and resilient applications.
  4. The Future of Work with AI and Automation: Investigate how AI and automation are transforming the workplace, the skills that will be in demand, and the potential impact on employment.
  5. Zero Trust Security Models: Examine the shift from traditional perimeter-based security models to zero trust architectures, where verification is required for every access attempt.

Article Rules:

  • Must be your original idea and not plagiarized
  • Articles must be sent to:
  • Topics must be chosen out of the the provided list
  • Must be a between 500 and 2000 words
  • Must be written in English 
  • Must be submitted by 30-Jun-2024 


Thank you to all who make this a fun, engaging and valuable open source learning platform - our community would not be the same without the community members that help shape it.


Good luck!

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions here




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