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I wanted to share this free hands-on AI course offered by IBM Skills Network called Prompt Engineering for Everyone. Read about it below and if you are interested, then click here to register for free and start learning!

At a Glance

Master the language of AI and unleash its full potential with our prompt engineering course. Gain the skills to craft compelling prompts that yield better, more accurate responses. Learn how to create engaging prompts that generate better and more accurate responses. From understanding contextual cues to mitigating biases, we provide you with techniques to help you seamlessly interact with AI systems. Whether you're a techie or a business professional, this course will revolutionize how you interact with AI. Register now and become a compelling AI communicator in the digital age!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world at an astonishing pace, surpassing our optimistic expectations. The advent of conversational AIs powered by so-called LLM/GPT models has given us a real taste of the human-like capabilities of AI.

This remarkable tool has the potential to inform, educate, and empower us to make optimal decisions. However, the efficacy of our interactions with AI systems hinges upon our ability to communicate effectively. That's why it is crucial to acquire the skill of conversing with AI through prompt engineering, which enhances our outcomes by craftily refining our messages.

In this quick Prompt Engineering course, you will gain invaluable insights into the art of talking effectively to AI. Whether proficient in English or prefer your native language, this course equips you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to essentially "program" AI. You'll also become acquainted with watsonx's powerful Prompt Lab tool.

By the end of this course, you'll possess the expertise to leverage AI's potential to its fullest, unlocking new realms of productivity and creativity. Start your journey toward mastering prompt engineering today!

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Prompt Engineering

  • Lab 1: What is Prompt Engineering, and why do we care?
  • Lab 2: English as a new programming language
  • Quizzes

Module 2: Getting Started with Prompt Engineering

  • Lab 3: Getting to know our GPT-based AI tool
  • Lab 4: The Naive Prompting Approach and the Persona Pattern
  • Lab 5: The Interview Pattern
  • Quizzes

Module 3: The Chain-of-Thought Approach

  • Lab 6: The Chain-of-Thought Approach in Prompt Engineering
  • Quizzes

Module 4: Advanced Techniques

  • Lab 7: The Tree-of-Thought Approach in Prompt Engineering
  • Lab 8: Controlling Verbosity and the Nova System
  • Lab 9: Getting to Know watsonx Prompt Lab
  • Quizzes

Module 5: Final Project

  • Course Summary
  • Final Project (optional)


Recommended Skills Before Taking this Course

No technical requirements.


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