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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Ansible dynamic inventory

Can someone please help me with one of the EX374 objective:
"Create a dynamic inventory from an identity management server or a database server".
I took DO374 course which covers only ansible.satellite.foreman dynamic inventory. Where I can find some tips or documentation which covers the objective I mentioned above?

Thank you
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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I don't know what's expected for this item during the exam (I haven't taken this exam yet). We'll probably have to use an inventory plugin in a playbook, rather than writing the code.

References to the documentation for dynamic inventories are given at the bottom of section 5.1 of the DO374 course. “Working with dynamic inventory” link gives some inventory scripts examples, "Inventory plugins" gives information on how to use inventory plugins, and "Developing dynamic inventory" explains how to write your own inventory plugins.

Get used to finding information in the official Ansible documentation, this is what will be available during the exam.

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I know how to use dynamic inventories. The only problem is I dont know which inventory plugin should I use for idm server or DB .
ansible-navigator doc -t inventory -l command returns some plugins, but I cant find the right one.
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