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EX294 Exam versions


currently there are three different versions available when registering for the Exam:

  • Red Hat Certified Engineer V8
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer V8.4
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer V9

What are the exact differences of these Exam versions ?

They seem to be based on RHEL 8, RHEL 8.4 and RHEL9 respectively, but what other differences are to be expected ? Is the Ansible version used in the three Exam versions also different ?

The official Exam objectives do not mention anything about the different Exam versions:

So does that mean the objectives are identical no matter which Exam Version I choose ?


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concerning this session of RHCE exam:

  • Use Automation content navigator to create inventories and configure the Ansible environment

Will I be asked to build my execution environment and use it or I'll be ask to use remote automation hub.

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