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PT407 vs DO407

Is there a major difference between DO407 and PT407 - I attended the power training last year at summit and am currently prepping for my Ansible exam however using the DO407 on the learning subscription - 

Since I have the printed manual from the power training I wanted to know If i could use this as a summurised version or if I should just stick to DO407 

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It is good to know that you want to appear for EX407. I would like to inform you that Red Hat courses are designed to help the learners understand the product and improve their skills to configure them according to their need. I would suggest you to take a look at the exam objectives and decide accordingly.  You may also look at the course objective of DO407 and compare it with the PT407 course manual to know the difference.  Below links list the exam and course objectives.



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DO407 is a 4 day course, where PT407 is a 2 day; so not identical material between them.

Here's a post from the instructor about it, might be a great place to ask follow-up questions:


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