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Flight Engineer

RHCE - EX294

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Hi everyone,

I'm taking the course RH294 and I'd like to know how is the best way to study and pass the EX294. It would be great if you give me any advice about it.


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Starfighter Starfighter

EX294K means remote (from home) or kiosk (from a testing location). Once you enroll, you should receive an email or see in your exam scheduler when/how your exam is going to be delivered.


Content wise, you should review:

Exam description:

Exam objectives:


You can base your learning on the table of contents for the related course RH294: . Also review the relevant product documentation at and , if you haven't attended the trainig.


At any rate, it feels that just one week won't be enough to prepare all those materials. My suggestion is to postpone the exam so you are more prepared and have had enough time to review all those topics.


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