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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Roles/collections from tar archive with Ansible Controller


In the RH294 chapter 7 section 5 under the "Installing Roles Using a Requirements File" title, there is an example of using a tar archive from "file:///opt/local/roles/tarrole.tar". 

I didn't get this working with Ansible Controller. I placed the file on the execution node and updated the project to install the requirements, but it failed with a file not found error. I suspect this is due to the update process running in a container that can't access the files on the host machine. 

Do you think it is not possible to use this approach (collections in local tar archives) with Ansible Controller? Thanks!

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer


Have you checked the ansible-navigator config to see if the collection path is correct? 

My ansible-navigator config has the following setup for the directory my-project:

Collections paths   False   /home/student/my-project/ansible.cfg 

with the following paths:

- /home/student/my-project

- /home/runner/.ansible/collections

- /usr/share/ansible/collections

Perhaps your ansible-navigator configuration is missing a line to point to your project directory? 

I created a couple of roles with ansible-galaxy, tarred them up and then installed them to the roles subdir in the my-project dir and a simple playbook was able to run them.

Are you getting the error when installing the role from tar files or are you not seeing the roles in ansible-navigator once they are installed?

Note: I ran these on the Red Hat Learning Subscription platform usisng the labs for RH294. 

Hope this helps.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hello and thanks for the reply!

What I mean by the "Ansible Controller" is the Ansible Automation Controller used in the DO374 course. So this issue is more related to the DO374's chapter 9 section 7, but unfortunately that section is focused on using collections from (private) automation hubs and not from git or tarballs.

I might add that if I point the requirement source to a git repository (instead of a file), the download succeeds. The error happens when I press the Refresh button of the Project tab.

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer


Apologies, I thought you were referring to the ansible-navigator environment on the control node; as part of the RH294 course!

I have no knowledge of the D0374 course and the "Ansible Controller" used there. 

Sorry for the confusion.


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