ex374 ansible automation exam is badly designed and has many bugs



I have taken 4 rhel exam, and  I personally think the exam ex374 which I took today is very badly designed.


1) Many questions do not have clear meanings, which makes it difficult to understand.

2) System environment is not correct, I failed to upload a collection to the hub for technique errors.  The tasks also complain about python environment not correct. Those settings should be fixed before we can take the exam.

3) Many tasks are not related to do374 course, and many important skills in do374 are not tested. That makes it ridiculous to take the do374 course.

I have been attending the do374 course, and I can finish all the lab assignment without any reference material. I do not think tasks failed due my errors.

I strong recommend Red Hat to request their employee to do the exam, and  fix those  bugs.


Appreciate feedback if any of you have taken the ex374 exam.






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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi Dadaniao1,

You can post your feedback to along with a request that it be forwarded to the exam development team and that will ensure that it makes its way to the exam developers.


Best regards,



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