CL310 is legacy now

So there is no new version of the course CL310 and on the learning portal it shows the following:

This course is now legacy content

This course is using an outdated version of the technology and is now considered to be Legacy content. It will be removed from our catalog on December 31, 2021. Please be sure to complete your course and finish any remaining labs before that date.

What is the plan? will there be a new version? is exam EX310 going to retire?

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I had the same question, my RHCE in Openstack expires in June '22. The official response from RH certification is

"This Certification cannot be renewed, it is retired."

EX210 no longer gives RHCSA in Openstack, it's now a "Specialist" qualification, so Red Hat is moving the focus away from this technology.

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This year there will no longer be a course or exam for CL310.

What will its equivalent be?

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