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RHOSP13 has five new major networking enhancements

The Red Hat OSP13 release includes some dramatic network enhancements that are worth highlighting seperate from the other release new features.

  • Open Virtual Networking - advanced network virtualization that is built into Open vSwitch. The upcoming and updated CL210 RHOSP Admin II course will highlight OVN.
  • OpenDaylight - is now fully released, utilizing the NetVirt project and including OVS-DPDK support. The upcoming and updated CL310 RHOSP Admin III course will highlight OpenDaylight.
  • Octavia - a far more powerful load balancer solution with on-demand scaling. The CL110 RHOSP Admin I introduces this load balancer configuration.
  • Kuryr - The Container Network Interface (CNI) provides OpenStack networking to Kubernetes objects. We are working to add project level containerization to our RHOSP Admin courses.
  • Leaf and spline networks - the ability to deploy OpenStack on top of fully routed topologies; more flexible than tunneled L2 networks. Also being included in our advanced RHOSP Admin courses.

The full description for each of these 5 networking enhancements is discussed in this technical blog article:

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13: five things you need to know about networking

Comments and discussions about these features are welcome here.

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