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openstack exam scope of domains

Hi all,

openstack V13 exam : scope of domains

Just want to that whether in the exam, if we are told to create some projects , groups, users etc.. within a certain domain,  whether we are supposed to stick to the specified domain.

In the exam i created a domain as requested, because in that question the domain was specifically given. But in the questions which followed up, there the domain was not specifically said, hence i used the default domain. Looking at the marks, i think this may have had an effect.

Can i know whether we are to stick to a domain once we are told to create one? I'm readying for the retake as of now.

Thanks and regards

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Hi Malshan 

The entire objective of an exam is to prepare an environment as excepted . 

when its asking to create anything and further questions follow it you need to closely go through the question to understand the scenario in doing it..

Also before you start exam go through Additional informations that will clear all your doubts.

All the Best.



Naresh Kumar Venu


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Hi Naresh,

I was able to pass the exam on my re-attempt on july itself.

Thanks for insight regardless.

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where we can find undercloud prefix , fix octet & issue octect. ?

metadata network namespace in copute0

i have create network properly but not getting floating IP... any idea ?

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