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Child Image build


Can someone guide me how to build child image from base image. In DO180, in nexus lab they mentioned about child image creation. I am not clear. I just want to build child image from base image. I am not doing any modification, can we use podman commit <childimagename> <baseimage> or podman save ? I don't want to delete base image. Pls guide

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I don't understand at all what are you exactly trying to do.

If you want to create a child image from a base image, the easy way that you have to do that is to use a Containerfile or Dockerfile and include
FROM <parent or base image> as the first directive.
Then you can build this new image with podman build, tag it according to your requirements, and then commit. 

For further information you can check other options at
podman commit creates an image based on a changed container. podman save writes to STDOUT by default and can be redirected to a file using the output flag

podman save saves an image to a local file or directory
podman load loads an image from either an oci-archive or a docker-archive stored on the local machine into container storage


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