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Containerized Applications / Container Infrastructure Challenges

Who here has migrated applications from legacy infrastructure to container-based infrastructure? What are some of the biggest challenges that you've encountered along the way? Were they primarily technical challenges? or organizational challenges?

I personally have found that there is still a wide knowledge gap around containerization in many organizations and that simply making a container platform like OpenShift available is not sufficient for most organizations to successfully migrate applications over. 

To be Successful, many organizations that I've encountered that are just beginning their shift to a container-based infrastructure require training and organizational transformation around:

    • Modern Application Architectural Styles (to be compatible and optimized for containers)
    • Infrastructure Automation
    • PaaS platform Usage
    • PaaS platform Administration
    • Release Management w/ PaaS
    • Security Operations w/ PaaS
    • SDLC w/ PaaS
    • Containers
    • DevOps
    • CI/CD
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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
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Trying to get people to understand that a container is not a "min-VM" has been the biggest challenge that I've seen.

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