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D0180 - Unable to create an app from Git - Push Failed - HTTP status: 500


As part of the online lab for do180 I am trying to create an app from a git repository using source to image (s2i). Since yesterday I am getting an error in the builds. push fails. Tried it from oc command line and console with different git repos. it always fails on push.

I've already deleted the lab and re-created a new one but same behaviour.
It seems to be an issue with permissions/image registry from the Openshift Cluster.

I would like to advance in my reviews before passing the certification

Thanks for your help !

see below the BuildcConfiguration logs :

Warning: Push failed, retrying in 5s ...
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob sha256:15038f2f96bce3594a690ae501b9a380434face93ca0940d6a34ef5020f311f9
Copying blob sha256:a8d8a88bbf1f0800d17bbd5bf3d3d8de6d755ccabfd019abf042f9f1b6c88d19
Copying blob sha256:1f209e06e85d1c9a1b44b7a5b87360d7976245957624fcb9eededb7b5a8a0651
Copying blob sha256:f557951730e4f4cbe40856a8095d0ea73e2a24def6579b7cd69c1b10f6c552d1
Copying blob sha256:1255769d9dc0e834961b135c84a9e76c70b55c7176f8982192e579916737f7f4
Copying blob sha256:1905c387e7588ee89dbb0bab2169244405986f8f312de7fb0df1795ef2caf169
Successfully pushed image-registry.openshift-image-registry.svc:5000/sebastien-guitera-dxc-com-route/php-helloworld:latest
Warning: Push failed, retrying in 5s ...
Registry server Address:
Registry server User Name: serviceaccount
Registry server Email:
Registry server Password: <<non-empty>>
error: build error: Failed to push image: error copying layers and metadata from "containers-storage:[overlay@/var/lib/containers/storage+/var/run/containers/storage:overlay.imagestore=/var/lib/shared]image-registry.openshift-image-registry.svc:5000/sebastien-guitera-dxc-com-route/php-helloworld:latest" to "docker://image-registry.openshift-image-registry.svc:5000/sebastien-guitera-dxc-com-route/php-helloworld:latest": Error writing blob: Error initiating layer upload to /v2/sebastien-guitera-dxc-com-route/php-helloworld/blobs/uploads/ in image-registry.openshift-image-registry.svc:5000: received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error



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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I have also encountered that error in my CRC environment. I suspect that the s2i process uses a lot of resources on my PC, it has an i7 processor with 16GB RAM, my OS is RHEL8.2.

I don't remember how I solved it but next day it worked fine. Maybe I did a crc cleanup.

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I had similar, tried to troubleshoot for an hour or so, tried again the command and...I found out it usually works on the second attempt with the command.

Then, part of the training, that occured regularly, first attempt fail, I rerun the command after and it works...

Looks similar to what I had, based on the log output (error writing blob).


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