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Hi all,

can you provide me some information on this exam:

1)How many questions does it contain? Are the questions all based on lab exercises or are there also simple multiple answer ones?
2)Can I alternatively use CLI/WEB Console everytime or it is defined in every single question?
3)Where can I find a list of supported cams to use for the exam with the usb drive?

4)How do you think the complexity of labs in the guide is harder/easier then the exam?


Thank you


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Hello @Panzer8 !

Thanks for reaching out!

1. All Red Hat exams are performance based wherein you got to troubleshoot / configure the VM as per the requirements of every task. There is no MCQ based Queries in any Red Hat exam.

2. Exam questions , no. of questions, specifics about exam tasks cannot be discussed due to the NDA.

3. You can refer the exam objectives here to prepare on the topics for EX288 : 

4. You can use CLI or console for any Question as per your wish - provided you meet the requirement of the exam tasks.

5. DO288 course and its labs are for reference - they are not reproduced verbatim in the exam. 

6. Not sure about this - course is for learning and exam tasks are for showcasing the learning - there is no standard format for exam questions consisting some hard or some easy questions. You should refer to exam objectives for practising the topics. 


Please note that "Exam support link" ( ) is the official channel for raising support case and taking guidance/ help for anything related to exam. All other comments and suggestions are provisional.

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Refer here for exam setup preparedness : 

Screenshot from 2024-04-03 21-12-27.png

If you have a specific query about webcam or you need any clarification - always reach out to official exam support here : 

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