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DO280 exam


If you look at the last two exam objectives :

Configure cluster scaling

  • Manually control the number of cluster workers
  • Automatically scale the number of cluster workers


As far as i can see the labs for 4.5 are removed and 4.5.2 doesnt even include those since its not running on AWS.

I would like to ask the certification team ? Is this still part of the exam and if yes what is expected, when no training (labs) on the sujbect are provided ? 


I will use this thread for bugs as well.

edit 3/23/2021

the lab auth-review scrpit wont accept self-provisioner role for group managers if its done via the UI only via cli

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Re: DO280 exam

"Create a self signed certificate" is also a stated exam objective, but is neither taught in the course, labs nor the (4.5) documentation.

man req EXAMPLES might help for this one + openssl rsa -in encrypted.key -out plaintext.key 😉
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