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DO288v4.6 Lab Review (CH9) inconsistency

DO288v4.6 Lab Review (CH9) has the following instruction for the Frontend app (ReactJS):

"Set the environment variable BACKEND_HOST on the front end deployment to the service name of the todo-backend API."

But the todo-frontend code has no reference to this env var (BACKEND_HOST). The code does reference an env var named: REACT_APP_API_HOST

"src/items/item-service.ts:const API_HOST = process.env.REACT_APP_API_HOST"

Also the nginx.conf located in the todo-frontend dir has a hardcoded conf pointing to "http://todo-list:3000" which is being used by the app during runtime. There are no instructions to change this value in the lab.

The lab instructions are inconsistent and confusing. I could not get it working even referencing the provided solution.

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