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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

EX 280

I recently had trouble getting to the workstation machine for this exam by ssh. UserID and password (using the "use this password generally" password) were used. Can someone let me know to get past this? My understanding is all that should be needed is:

ssh your_username@host_ip_address


Thanks in advance


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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I've taken part in multiple exams, including EX280, and never encountered a login issue. In my experience, each exam session—including retakes—generates a unique password. So you can expect a different password when you retake EX280. Anybody, please chime in if I am wrong.

Have you tried copying and pasting the password directly from the instruction document into the shell? I always do this during exams because the given passwords are often a random assortment of characters that are difficult to remember or type accurately. This approach also helps to avoid potential mistakes, especially when the password includes characters that are easily confused, such as "I (/aɪ/)" versus "l (/l/)" or "O(/oʊ/)" versus "0 (zero)", although I am not sure if it was applicable to your case.


Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Thanks very much for the reply. Good tip on copy and paste. I am going to assume that the problem was that I either misread or mis-typed that password. I just want to make sure I got the procedure right. The direction was to ssh to a host (ssh <my_user@<>. At that point I got prompted for password per usual -- password failed. On the instruction page there is a prominent direction indicating to use *THIS * password unless indicated otherwise. Is this the password to use to ssh to the exam workstation? ( I assumed it was) or is there another password? Thanks


Adding to what @tnishiok mentioned - It is very important to read the exam instructions carefully. Those instructions mention everything you need to know - clearly. So, my advise would be to read it very carefully and give it time like 5-10 minutes to read it completely and not miss any part of it.  

ssh command is correct - clearly there is an error in understanding the instruction as to how you can login or do a ssh as a certain user using a certain password to a certain vm. 

Please do ponder over it. 

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