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Hi team,

I had two failed attempts in EX280 exam, each attempt I experineced multiple questions which are not related to the material I studied.

I'm owndering if someone has experienced the same or have some clarification or guidance on how to pass this exam.

I'm new to Linux as well as OpenShift with Windows background, I'm trying my best to shift to these technologies as I'm so interested in.

Thank you

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Flight Engineer

Documentation is mostly useful when you need to type a large yaml configuration. If you know where it is located in the documentation, it's faster to copy/paste than type from memory, even if you know the syntax.

If you're going to take the exam, you should have experience with OpenShift administration, and know the commands without referring to the documentation. If that's not the case, you're not ready for the exam, take a liitle more time practicing labs.

Shell completion is a great feature to save time and avoid typos. And once you know the oc subcommands, inline help using --help is way faster than going to the documentation and also provides you with examples.

Also, remember you can use the web console too. Some operations are easier on the command line, some are easier from the web console. Use the right tool.

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Check the link and review the exam objectives for EX280  exam version you are trying. Go through the red hat training. Some of the topics mentioned in exam objectives will not be covered or just mentioned cursory in the training. Find such exam objectives and go through documentation to cover those topics in detail.  https://training-lms.redhat.com/public_content/redhat/training/Red%20Hat%20Certification%20Exam%20Ob...

Lastly the exam is not just about making things work but to make it work as expected in exam. The exam has gone from just being practical hands on oriented to finding meaning in words and solving the words puzzle before solving the actual problem in hand. I missed my last which was my 2nd attempt by 22 marks . Hope to clear in my third attempt. 

Certification ID: 111-010-393
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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

"The exam has gone from just being practical hands on oriented to finding meaning in words and solving the words puzzle before solving the actual problem in hand."

I agree, but I do not see the point why Red Hat is play such word game with us. We are not supposed to resolve the reading puzzles, we are taking exam to demonstrate our understanding of openshift. That is why the tasks description in the exam should be clear and precise. I really do not know why Red Hat is not improving the exam. We are engineers who are trying to use and promote Red Hat product, I do not know what Red Hat can gain by frustrating us in the exam.

The openshift product consists several thunsands of page of documentations in total, people are not supposed to remember all the words, concepts and commands. That is why the DO 280 training course is important, and do not forget it is also very expensive. However, I found that the content of the exam is not matching the content of training course. So personally I am not happy with the current situation. 

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Flight Engineer

I cleared the exam on my 3rd attempt finally. Recollected what I did different in my previous and also tried to read the questions more carefully. I agree having purchased the official training it should cover all topics for the exam especially the hands on labs because without that the whole purpose of attending a training becomes useless. It was quite frustrating after failing on my second attempt. Finally cleared but still I dont know where i missed the 38 marks . Had finished the exam much ahead of the schedule time and checked all solutions once.. anyhow a pass is what is required to certify.

Exam domain number:    19
Passing score:          210
Your score:            262

Result: PASS

Congratulations -- you have earned the Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration certification.

Performance on exam objectives:

    Manage OpenShift Container Platform: 100%
    Manage users and policies: 100%
    Control access to resources: 86%
    Configure networking components: 100%
    Configure pod scheduling: 86%

Certification ID: 111-010-393

How did you approch that last questions i.e how do i deploy the apps troubleshooting l will figure out?

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Congrats Ravi!

I took the exam yesterday and failed, i'd have to admit that the complexity of the statements and questions in addition to the Firefox fonts make the actual troubleshooting process tedious and near impossible to pass or even cover all the questions provided. The partner center where i took the exam from, it took for ever to load the logs in GUI. The reading material doesnt cover some topics covered in the exam. I'm not sure of the point of taking the exam training and the exam surprises us regardless how many times we have repeated the practice exams.

I hope to take the 2nd and final attempt shortly and clear it. 

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi, @frizzybeard 

did you take v4.10 or v4.12?

i was wondering if the same problems apply to the exam new version too?

Thanks in advance



I took 4.10 exam. But,i'm thinking there will not be much difference in the tasks performed. The only difference i noticed in 4.12 is that you cannot delete the kubeadmin the same way as 4.10.

Thank you!

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer
There are different ways to delete the kubeadmin account? I compared the OpenShift documentation for both the 4.10 and 4.12 versions, and that section looked the same at first glance.
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Starfighter Starfighter

Sorry you were surprised by the exam content. If you have a look at the exam objectives, do you find anything asked in the exam not included in the objectives? https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/red-hat-certified-openshift-administrator-exam?section=o...


As for poor exam experience, it could be related to the center's internet connection at the time. Usually exams are quite responsive and don't experience such slowness issues.

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