EX280 - extra resources in projects?


In a certain part of the exam you are asked to check for extra resources that may appear in the project when you fix the app. I can't recall if there was anything strange after fixing the apps, so I'm not pretty sure if this might be a trap or not. If there is, how would I find out?

Thank you in advance.

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Flight Engineer

If you used 'oc new-app [...]' the resources created are printed to console under:

--> Creating resources


So you can check each of those resources after fixing them.

If this is  'oc create -f', then manually check objects in the fixed YAML (assuming the YAML was edited to fix what broke).

There could lots of objects that should have been created/started but weren't because a dependency broke.  Off the top of my head, 'oc new-app' will create:

  1. deploymentconfig / deployment
  2. pod(s)
  3. service(s)

and if the app not only pulls images but builds containers or source, then there'll also be

  1. buildconfig

I'd use 'watch oc status' and/or 'oc get events -w' in a 2nd terminal to watch for the fixed resources to come up.

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