EX280 failed, dont know why

Hi all,

I've taken EX280 two times. First one was a mess, I got completely stuck with a certain thing that blocked all my exam. For the second time I was certainly well prepared, could get around the exam traps and tricks and get every task done. I'm sure everything was correct - no apps throwing error messages, no Pending pods, no weird details in the yamls. But I got roughly 30 points more than in my first attempt. How could it be possible? I can't figure out where I failed, and RedHat feedback on my results is zero. I'm afraid that I will fail again if I take the exam again, and I can't think of any DO280 section that I missed.

Has anyone experienced the same?

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1- Make sure you read all the instructions, not just the questions/tasks, but extra configuration, where it tells you some defaults to use, e.g. for any password/config you might encounter, and there are no clear instructions about it

2- It could be a simple typo that can get you zeros in your results. If you need to create an object, that object name should be exactly like the exam's question. If you need to connect to a service, it should be exactly as they say it is and how to connect to it,..etc. The labs of the course help get you that kind of attention to detail. and time management plays a part too

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Flight Engineer

This happens regularly with me. Even after passing around 10 exams so the advices are the following:

1. Use copy&paste for all names. It would be a script that would check your work so if you make a simple typo you would get a 0 points for that task

2. Read every task several times to understand what is really needed. Sometimes it's not that obvious.

3. Practice a lot. You need to be very fast to complete all the tasks so you would have enough time at the end to review all the task one more time.

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