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EX378 async fault tolerance

One of the EX378 objectives is Understand async versus sync execution type.

But there is a note in DO378 course:

The Asynchronous policy, defined by the org.eclipse.microprofile.faulttolerance.Asynchronous annotation, has been intentionally left behind for two reasons. First, Asynchronous is not a fault tolerance policy by itself, but a technique to decouple requests from the response, avoiding unnecessary waits and optimizing resource usage. Second, Quarkus already integrates asynchronous and reactive programming techniques in its core, making the Asynchronous policy obsolete.

Can we expect async fault tolerance in the exam?
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Hi dkcbk,

I have not taken the training or the exam, but I'd say if something is written in the exam objectives, it is possible that this is addressed somehow in the exam. Further digging into this I believe would violate the NDA for the exam, so.... be prepared


Best of luck!



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