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Failed 2 times on EX380

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Greeting All,
I filled 2 times on EX380 yesterday and last month the strange thing is that my score is the same. However, my answer changed and was able to fix alot of stuff on yesterday exam and was sure that final application was working as expected on each question. I have a real concern on the grading script for this exam as it is also new exam just 4 month ago and there is no many people attended the same. Is there any chance to Red Hat team to do reevaluate the same manual any one has such experience to share as frankly speaking I have nothing to do more. Every thing was working as expected and if I did another retry I will add nothing!
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I experinced same issues too.  Last year I had  taken  4.10 version and got failed two times even though thinking everything was correct. Maybe I was really missing someting.  So,  I have waited for new version of the exam. Today  I took 4.14 version it was the 3rd  ex380 attempt.  Unfortunately,  failed again. What is so frustrating about it is that,  even though checking/testing your answers  and knowing that your answers should  cover the objectives,  still getting NO PASS.  I am an RHCA level 1, but only this spesific exam  got me with frustration. I hope I can pass on my retake by implementing other  possible solutions  and trying to find what grading script might be looking for.  I really think that  there are more than one solutions for some questions. 


Today I have retaken 4.14 version again, and failed again.
Sad feelings. 

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I think I know what we dealt (or dealing) with.

A resource configuration may be built with these options:

- Omitted default values

- Double quotes for string values

- Single quotes for string values

- With optional extra parameters

Resource files will have different checksums, but the result will be the same!

And if the grading script doesn't find the expected format, or doesn't find the default parametes set explicitly, it sets 0% for the task.  It explains why 0% may be given to the tasks, which were completed (technically and practically) successfully.

If it's true, then Red Hat is shooting itself in the foot.  Learning products and getting certified is supposed to be the vendor's strategy of the OpenShift promotion, and to bring satisfaction, not frustration.


Ah. I am in the exact same boat as the rest of you. I now have 2 failing scores on EX380, v4.10. The first attempt was somewhat of a learning experience. But I studied what I got wrong, so that on the second attempt, I was sure I did everything right... I had extra time at the end of the exam, and sanity checked multiple things to make sure everything looked correct, had the right configurations, responded correctly to my checks, etc. Not to mention I used copy/paste extremely liberally, to avoid typos.

But, same as the rest of you - 0% in multiple sections I was certain I would pass with 100%. (I wonder if they're the same sections.)

I don't want to take it again - what would I even do differently? Taking it again would be pointless.

This has really destroyed my faith in Red Hat exams and I don't think I'll be taking another, ever.


So, I've just passed EX380 on monday with 300/300 on EX380 v4.14.

The exam was ... definitely different to what I was used to in my previous exams.

If you're taking EX380 in v4.14, keep in mind that everything that is being given to you is there for a reason.

I'd be happy to provide some feedback about the exam environment to improve the experience since I've encountered some minor bugs with it.


@archy Congratulations on your perfect score! 

For any exam score  grading related query or exam feedback, you can fill the form here with the details  : 

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Thanks, I'll provide feedback that way.

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