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Hi All,

I have recently started preparing for the RHCSA 8 and purchased the video course by Sander van Vugt (Pearson Certification website), which also came with his wonderful cert guide book.

So far, I have completed two chapters. The strategy that I'm using is first watch the videos of a particular chapter and read the respective chapter on the cert guide book. This way I'm able to gain knowledge that are not covered in the video course.

However, I felt the book has limited practice exercises (based on Chapter 2) and also the end of chapter lab seems quite short, again based on Chapter 2.

How do I practice enough given that the exercises are short and limited? What do others do to gain sufficient lab experience covered in the chapter?

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Hi all,

a bit dated post but still unanswered.

What are some good resources for someone to practice on RHCSA exam? I know that the list with the objectives is a good starting point but too generic.

Thank you!


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