How do you implement your CI/CD pipelines in OpenShift?

While working with OpenShift in the capacity of a project user (i.e., a developer or an architect), there is always the question of how to set up the staging pipelines.

Do you use Jenkins or something else (Hudson, UCD, TeamCity, etc.)? If the latter, how do you "talk" to OpenShift?

Do you even use Jenkins in a pod, or do you prefer an external-to-OpenShift, standalone master and use it to deploy slave pods?

Do you use one Jenkins pod per application (for its entire pipeline) or do you share it with several different projects?

How do you handle integration testing scenarios?

This last one is usually a really tough nut to crack, because at least with Arquillian, it requires the capability to remotely deploy several shrinkwrap applications which contain both the code and the tests, to the target server instance, so it is a hybrid between classic and container-image-based approach and as such, requires quite a number of low-level modifications to your container's environment.

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