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In DO180 Exam, After loggin in to redhat portal, how to navigate to answer the questions

Hi Experts,

I am planning to appear for exam in another 2 weeks, i would like to know how to navigate to answer the questions, where it is required login to server using ssh to node then connect to master node, also how to access images from repository.

Can any one helps me if you find any link or video?



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I have been taking exams over the past couple of months.

One of the best options for exam testing are the remote exams.

Remote exams allow you to take the test via a live (USB) booted OS. In most exams you will be viewing a full screen browser that allows you to interact with a workstation that has access to exam resources. The workstation will often be configured for SSH access to other resources.

Specifically EX180 is going to be a very similar experience to DO180 interactive learning in the section reviews. You will be interacting with the test via a remote console in a browser.

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