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Not able fetch logs

Hello Team,

I am encountering an issue while attempting to fetch logs from pods, builds, or any other sources. The error message states that I must log into the server. However, I am already logged in as a system: admin user in the Bastion, yet I still receive an "unauthorized" error. This problem persists when I try to build a new app, as I am unable to upload the JAR files. I have explored solutions from the Red Hat portal, but unfortunately, they have not resolved the issue. I would appreciate your assistance in guiding me on how to proceed. Thank you in advance

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Is this for a course? Which course?

On most courses (or at least the OpenShift courses where I work :), you perform most actions from the workstation machine. For OpenShift courses, you typically use the "oc login" command to log in to OpenShift.

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