OCP Cluster takes time to get ready in OpenShift courses

Whenever you are doing  lab exercises in OpenShift courses like DO188, DO280 , DO288 , DO240 , DO378 etc :  you may see that upon starting the lab and your VMs showing status as active - you still cannot run any lab start scripts - it will either fail or say that OCP cluster is not ready to accept requests.

This is normal as the OCP cluster components will take some time to be ready so that it can accept the requests. 

In these cases you should wait for 15 - 20 mins ( sometimes 20+ )after your lab has been started before you run any lab start scripts. In the meanwhile you can login to utility server from workstation as "ssh lab@utility" and run the script "./" - this will show the status of your OCP cluster.


Wait till the script completes and everything is showing as UP and ready.



Then you can start your GE/ lab activity. 


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Thanks for sharing this @Chetan_Tiwary_ , although it's usually explained in the first section of the course (Orientation to the Classroom Environment) I'm sure many of us jump straight to the course contents, and then break our heads because the cluster is failing.

Now, there is one more place where students can find this help by googling it!

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