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OpenShift roundrobin load balancing works incorrect

I've noticed very strange behavior of OpenShift load balancing. I make a call via internal route (not GTM) from one microservice to another. I additionally put roundrobin load balancing and disabled sticky session (this changes applied 100%) roundrobin 'true'

I performing requests via curl with connection reuse disabled

curl.exe $url -X GET -H "Connection: close" --no-keepalive

And with 2 pods for 20 requests I see very strangle behavior

With pause between requests:

  • 100ms - 13/7
  • 200ms - 16/4
  • 1sec - 19/1
  • 30sec - 20/0

The problem is that my service performing heavy computations, and pause in 20 seconds - it is production scenario. But in such case all requests came to a single pod, kill it, then to the second and kill it and so on.

I understand that round robin performed not only for a single endpoint which I am testing, but for all endpoints of a service. But any distribution between endpoints can't lead to situation 20/0 all the time. The problem is in something else and I do not understand where.

Can you please explain me why does it happened?

How can I achieve distribution at least close to 10/10 between 2 pods in a route?

Please answer in

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