Openshift 4.3 Installation??

Hi Experts,

I have a small query to ask, I want to install openshift 4.3 on oracle virtual box. I have one master and 1 infra and 1 worker machine configured with Red Hat 7.7. Is there any way to install openshift 4.3 without using bootstrap machine. If possible how can I achieve that, Please suggest, its urgent.

Help is appreciated!!! 


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Mission Specialist

Theres some helpfull posts on the openshift blog, and one of then is:

Not sure you will find a guide for your exact need (OCP 4.3 on RHEL 7.7 with 1 master, 1 infra and 1 worker). 

There are some others posts around the web for self-built home labs for testers and reviewers, as they show and demo the new features of the openshift4.  Trying to build one with below-recommended specs and outside the "demo" sceneario are rare (and quite comprehensible)

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AFAIK the bootstrap machine is a requirement of the OpenShift 4.x installer and there's no way to install the product without using the installer. Your alternative would be using something that provides a pre-installed cluster in a VM image, such as CodeReady Containers.

You cannot install all your master, infra, and workers using RHEL. You can install masters only as CoreOS, and any initial worker also has to be CoreOS. AFAIK RHEL workers can only be added after you have an initial cluster up and running. Infra nodes are just workers that are reserved for some cluser operator's workloads,  they are installed as any other worker nodes.

You also need an additional VM that provides services external to your OpenShift cluster that are required for installation and for running the cluster, such as DNS, DHCP, and storage such as NFS. So your scenario would require 5 VMS: bootstrap, master, infra, worker, and services. Note that your scenario would be a lab-only thing, not supported at all. Supported clusters require 3 masters currently, and AFAIK a minimum of 2 workers.

Using OpenShift 4.4 or the upcoming 4.5 you may have better luck trying a supported "small cluster" scenario where masters are also workers, but you would still require 5 VMs: bootstrap, services, and 3 masters.

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