Passed EX280 Openshift Admin


I have passed EX280 earlier too -  way back in 2019. So decided to upgrade the version of EX280 this time after my RHCA. 

I found it different than the earlier EX280 but this time I liked it very much because of the focus on troubleshooting parts like :

  • Monitor cluster events and alerts
  • Troubleshoot common cluster events and alerts
  • Troubleshoot software defined networking
  • Create and edit external routes
  • Control cluster network ingress
  • Control pod placement across cluster nodes
  • Security: how to configure security policies, authentication, and authorization for your OpenShift Container Platform cluster.

My score 300/300 which was satisfying

The EX280 certification is an industry-recognized credential offered by Red Hat that validates an individual's proficiency in deploying and managing containerized applications using OpenShift Container Platform.

Lastly, pursuing the EX280 certification can help IT professionals stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in OpenShift Container Platform. This can enable them to leverage the platform's features and capabilities to develop and deploy containerized applications more effectively.


Refer here for exam objectives :

Course to refer : DO280 (DO180 as a prerequisite  - recommended but not mandatory).

Please write to if you wish to enrol for the training or exam.

This exam counts towards RHCA. 

Next recommended course : DO380/DO480 for admin path  or DO288/DO378/DO328 for development path.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi, I suggest you compare the content of DO280 and EX280, there is huge difference, and please adjust one of them so they can match, it is unfair of us who have spent much time on practising DO280 while much suprised during exam.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

@Chetan_Tiwary_  Congratulations, may i ask you u how did you clear the exam with this amazing score? I see many people complain from the exam content 

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Since I have taken this exam twice before, I reviewed all my questions and analysed my mistakes.  Sorry, I cannot share what I had in the exam, but you can refer to a quick practice question example in DO280, I had to create users and assign proper permission to them, so I carefully read the users, groups and permissions requirements.  Its permission could be cluster-wide or project-wide, and I also logged in to every user account to verify my settings. 

I noticed the question sentence asked us not to add or remove components, so I only "modified" them.  I knew there were several ways to achieve the requirements, but maybe only one or two ways that the examiner preferred to see. 


Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

oh, sorry to hear that but you finally made it and you did great work this time.

Thanks for sharing your experience and good luck with other exams.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hi, congratulations.

I'm struggelling to clear this one. I think you're not allowed to delete the deployment and re-create it then? Which I did on one question, so that gives you zero, even if it was correct afterwards?

Also, I agree that a couple of questions do not say everything that's needed. But I guess that's how you separate from people doing this everyday and those wanting to join. 


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