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Practice / Sample Exam (D0180 - Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes & OepnShift


I am planning to go for this certification. Is there any practice / sample test avail for this exam ?




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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

No I didn't find any sample exams, but just went through the labs in DO180 to prepare myself.

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Hi, I obtained that certification after passing EX180 (DO180 is the name of the course, EX180, the exam). Unfortunately, for a few reasons, including lack of experience with the product in the first attempt, I failed twice (I passed on 3rd attempt).

A course like DO180 gives you knowledge to use the products, train you, but does not necessarily provide all the extra knowledge one might need during an exam to complete the objectives. Experience does that. In fact, that is rather normal with hands on based exams, to validate your knowledge and your skills, obtained from training and experiences...

If one would follow DO180 training, there is still a lot of information that will help during the exam, not everything... For that exam is particularly important to pay attention to what is asked during the exams, and read all questions prior to start.

It's not that difficult in itself, yet it's important to do the above.

If you read the exam objectives, listed here, you should have an idea what to expect:



Good luck!



Whether the exam is online or WE NEED TO GO TO CENTERS? How many attempts available?

Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

EX180 is available in the remote mode; you can take it from the comforts of your own home :). And as far as attempts go, I believe you paying for an exam entitles you to one attempt.

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

JS_Learning, you stated that it took three attempts to pass DO180, the course shows only the capability for two attempts, can you tell me what happens if I don't pass the first and second time? Does the system simply reload more attempt opportunities? I am about to make my first attempt and it would help to understand the risk. Thank you!!

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I have a learning subscription at O’Reilly and there is a great DO180 course that brings outside context to what we are learning. There are also “exam practice problems” but they are very similar to our guided exercises in the DO180 course itself. Be comfortable going through the exercises without notes or solutions and familiarize yourself with built in help commands is the best advice I could give!
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

+1 to O'Reilly.

Sanders also has practice exams on DO180 content.

I'll echo what folks said above about _closely_ and _slowly_ re-reading the exam questions.

For example: if the exam asks that a containerized web service should be made available on the host via standard port running as a service account and says "Hello World" on the default landing page (<-- I made that up), then what does that mean?

Well, speed reading c/would (incorrectly) get you simply running an httpd image from registry, which more than likely is a fail.  My example ask (because I wrote it just now) actually means several things:

1. the test to validate is probably going to be: [host$] curl localhost:80  <-- because the question is "standard" port for web and default langing page

2. "service account" implies rootless, so running the container as root / sudo is going to be a fail even if a webpage is up

3. if the container image supplied runs / exposes httpd on port 8080 (and many images do), you're going to need to map the correct host_port:container_port

4. if the host has a firewall that doesn't allow port 80 open, you're going to need to know how to modify firewalld to allow it.

5. if the container image has a default landing page (aka. index.html, and many do), you're going to need to overwrite it, which means mounting a persistent volume from host to container

6. if SELinux is enforcing (and all RHEL exams have it on AFAIK), you're going to need to know how to mount container volumes with SE (step #5) and open firewalled ports (step #4) in an SELinux compliant way

7. for all steps above, your changes must survive a reboot.  (This seems to be a reoccuring theme in Red Hat exams.)  So the web container runtime must be started as a systemd service that's enabled on the default boot target.


Again, the above is my example.  I've actually not taken EX180 -- yet! but am obviously prepping for it by listening to feedback / lessons learned from other folks.

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Can anyone help me with DO180 Dumps please. I searched it but not able to find any. It will really help to clear my EX180 exam.
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