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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Thoughts on Openshift Job Role Section in RHLS?

So I'm on the Openshift Infrastructure job role path in Red Hat Learning Subscription. I'm about to take the DO280 in a couple days, followed by DO380 in 10 days. Next is DO370, DO480, DO316 and DO322. After these courses, would it be wise to break into DevOps? I'm not expecting to get a senior position from the start of course, I just want to start with a very strong foot! What do y'all good folks think?

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

My standard advice is to dive in. Applying for jobs is what gives you the best information about what do you need to get a job. Analyze job offers, see what's in demand; try to get interviews and you'll get a feel of what do you need to prepare for interviews.

Having some courses on your resume of course can help, and esp. having played with the course labs gives you some practical experience that can be useful in an interview, but to break into a new job you'll need to apply for a lot of positions, and probably be told "no" a few times.

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