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Trouble with LDAP Authentication on Red Hat Systems

Hello Everyone

I've been encountering a bit of a challenge recently while trying to set up LDAP authentication on Red Hat systems, and I was hoping to get some insights or assistance from those more experienced in this area.

I've been working on integrating LDAP authentication for user access to our Red Hat systems, aiming to centralize user management and improve security. However, despite following the documentation and guides available, I seem to be hitting a roadblock. I've configured the LDAP settings, set up the necessary authentication files, and verified the connection to the LDAP server. Still, when attempting to log in with LDAP credentials, the authentication process doesn't seem to work as expected.

Specific Challenges:

  1. Error Messages: I'm encountering various error messages in the logs, such as "Invalid credentials," "User not found," or "LDAP server unreachable." These errors have led me down a rabbit hole of troubleshooting steps, but I haven't yet been able to pinpoint the root cause.

  2. Configuration Verification: I've double-checked the configuration files multiple times, ensuring that the LDAP server details, base DN, and bind credentials are correctly configured. Despite this, the issue persists.

  3. Security Concerns: I'm also concerned about security implications. If the LDAP integration isn't working correctly, it might lead to users having inconsistent access or, worse, potential security vulnerabilities.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

troubleshoot the steps one by one, if you are trying to connect over ldaps (636 port) then I would suggest using ldap (389 port) only skip binding and leave it to anonymous, once you can authenticate with those then change the configuration to your required one,

I would suggest you use this guide

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