Unable to log into podman using RHT_OCP4_DEV creds DO180

I've been trying to start lab 3.6 for like 2 days now but whenever i get to

podman login registry.redhat.io

 my log in fails, I'm using the correct login, and i even deleted my old environment and set up a whole new one using the instruction in the first guided exercise but as soon I have to do the above command I get a login fail error

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi @gregfarhadain ,

I have been able to use my Red Hat portal account to log in successfully to registry.redhat.io- that would be the same credentials you use for this community, if I am not mistaken.

I'd check using a different system (I believe using the docker command would also work) to verify that this is not a problem with the lab environment.

If that doesn't work, I believe you should contact customer support to address this problem.

Kind regards,


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Downloading containers from redhat.registry.io requires not only a valid customer portal account but also having a valid subscription for RHEL or OpenShift on that account.

The course content assumes that, if student doen't have customer portal accounts (they are not employees of a Red Hat customer organization) they register to Red Hat Developer and use the free developer subscription from that web site.

It used to be that Red Hat Developer users also need to access the downloads section to click some check boxes that you agree to the End User Level Agreement to activate their free Developer subscription before being allowed to download products and container images.

So I would guess that you have a customer portal account that is not attached to any subscription or your Red Hat Developer account has not activated its free subscription.

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