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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

When to apply for jobs in OpenShift

How many certs/which ones should one do before they're job ready or start applying? EX280 level? EX380 level? Start with DO188 for beginners? Also, did anyone pass the new EX380? I only read about people failing it 2 times. 

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I passed EX380 version 4.14 but with a retake. I sat whole weekend and repeated all the questions and still I've barely passed with score of 218, despite having 4*100% and 60 % with 50% (what even is this grading?). For me not passing at first time I blame myself not reading questions accurately, and exam itself being just poorly designed.

For example in one of the questions you can achive thing X in 2 ways, and only one of them is correct according to the grading script. Up until today I still feel gaslighted from that question.

And some of the other questions are written in english, that is simply difficult to understand...

As of applying to jobs, I feel like EX280 + EX380 + EX480 would put you in a really good position to apply for OpenShift administrator jobs. EX280 is just the basics, EX380 teaches you OpenShift specific details that I think every OpenShift admin should know, and EX480 is regarding managing multiple clusters. All of those I feel are a really important base. Besides them you have also OpenShift Data Foundation, and Virtualization courses but those I feel are too specific, and I would do them after 280, 380 and 480.

DO188 I would do for sure as it's containers basics, but maybe with skipping exam for it (if you have RHLS),  and instead doing DO288 and taking EX288 exam. I feel like EX188 would be just too simple and it would be a waste of money/RHLS exam take.

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